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Photo: David Venni - Hello Magazine

Photo: David Venni - Hello Magazine

October is a funny old month; it’s when seasonally the lights of summer are switched off and autumn arrives with a swirl of leaves and rain-splashed shoes, and when I mentally brace myself to hang in there until spring - I am definitely not a winter person!

Punctuated by the orange glow of Halloween, October is also my birthday month. This isn’t something I’d normally bring up, but this year it’s a biggie – I turn fifty. Fifty! How on earth did that happen? How come I still don’t really feel like a grown-up? I’ve written a piece about what turning fifty means to me, and what being fifty seems to mean to the rest of the world in 2019.

We love to look after you, so work-wise this month we are looking out for all the side-hustlers out there! We’ll tell you the 8 things you really need to know when setting up your own business and how to give the best presentation of your life.

Health-wise as this month also features World Menopause Day, we have a series of video interviews with menopause experts Dr Tina Peers and Nick Panay talking through the symptoms and solutions you asked us for – thank you so much to those of you who got in touch, these videos will give you the information and reassurance you are looking for.

October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and like many of you this is something that has affected so many of our dearly-loved friends and family. Jayne Cherrington-Cook has written a piece on just this. 

And finally, no October would be complete without a nod to Halloween, so we’ll be looking at the latest hit or miss beauty trends – are they ghoul or cool? 

This month has everything you need to help you Live, Learn and Thrive in a life you love, so keep your eyes peeled across all our social media platforms for when each of these brilliant articles drop – you won’t want to miss them!

With much love,

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