MARKS hasn't lost its SPARK!

There’s nothing our country’s media like more than knocking our institutions so when Mark’s and Spencer announced quite shocking figures last week all the news channels were quick to take to the streets and get the general public’s opinion. When it comes to their fashion ranges, why was good old M&S failing?

"There’s nothing in there for me" 

"I never look in there it’s not fashionable enough" 

"Everything’s old and frumpy" came the replies as reporters urgently vox popped shoppers!

I was screaming at my TV, there’s this awful wave in this country of deciding shops, brands and (a personal one here) women’s magazines are past it, not fashionable and dare I say it…old! OK, it might be true of some names but revelling in our high street brands low sales figures just convinces the public that a shop’s not worth looking in…and consequently they make up their minds before they even look.

When it comes to Mark’s and Spencer I know that when I stying my fashion pages I am sure to find one of the key trend pieces whatever the feature and if I’m stying readers I’ll find some great clothes that will suit anyone’s style. It may be that all the key pieces from Autograph are in the major stores but even the basic ranges like their Collection and Twiggy’s ranges have so much to offer. Maybe the stores and how they present they clothes need a facelift but the good style and great quality is still there.

So go on, take a good look online or even take a trip to a local major store, there’s life in this old store yet! Oh yea, and while you’re at it, why not buy a women’s magazine!

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