Tarling’s Tips

My name is Phill Tarling and I’ve been styling the nation’s lovelies since 1997. Over the years I have used ‘intelligent styling’ to help elevate my client’s style and make good people look great. Yes, we know that celebs have skilled glam squads to get them camera ready, but what about the every day ‘woman next door’? 

Women of all shapes and sizes can be found muttering "I have nothing to wear”; it’s one of the most common statements I hear. It often feels like that, but the reality is far from the truth. Whether returning to work, on the school run, facing a lifestyle change or just attending a special event,  women live with an overwhelming sense of losing their way with fashion. 

Does this resonate with you? If so, here are my simple ABC common sense guidelines. If applied, they will prove invaluable for your future fashion fix.

A) Know your SHAPE.

B) Dress with YOUR shape in mind, 

C) Always buy the best bra you can afford and HAVE IT FITTED properly!

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Getting to grips with your real not ideal body shape is so important! Once you have positively identified your shape and correct size, shop intelligently for clothes in suitable shops that bring value to form.

In today's bloggerific world there really is no excuse to not know what's 'on trend' - women are inundated with seasonal ‘must-haves’. The key to empowered dressing is to find your uniform, the style that fits your shape. Whether your shape is Pear, Apple, Banana or hourglass, the only way to avoid fashion faux-pas is to apply YOUR SHAPE to fashion.


36, 24, 36:  - The Hourglass.

The most desired shape in western culture in the hour glass. Sexiness is curvy, with ample boobs, shapely hips and a smaller waist. Recreating this silhouette is the goal, and is achieved with simple visual trickery. The illusion of a narrower waist is created, when shoulder and hips look symmetrically wider than the waist. 

Here are some other Tarling’s Tips to shape, inform and enhance your retail therapy:

1) Be insightful: 

Be inspired by fashion, but don’t follow blindly. 

2) Be Sale Savvy: 

Sale shopping is the perfect time to buy ‘investments pieces’ and timeless classics that rarely date. Never buy clothes in a sale that you intend to slim into. This is false economy! 

3) Style challenge: 

Style is size-less, but fashion isn't. Don't be swayed by a 'must have' headline. Shape shop!! Take this style advice and apply it to YOUR SHAPE!

4) Shop intentionally: 

Before you head into browsing heaven identify gaps in your wardrobe. Make a list, stick to it and consider adopting the one in one out rule.

5) Intelligent styling: 

Better to buy the correct dress size and alter it for a bespoke fit. Don’t be tempted to squeeze into a smaller dress size  just because it's a dress size smaller! It will look as bad as it feels! 

I believe that every woman should know the feeling of empowerment that comes from dressing well, and we are here to help. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for our own must-haves for the everyday woman - because every girl deserves to feel on fire!

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