...who says you can’t wear a - Bikini?

We make all sorts of rules for ourselves as we get older, I can’t wear this or I’m too big for that or maybe my days of wearing blah blah are over - well here’s the thing - there are no fashion rules and if you come across any I suggest you break them right now! When it comes to fashion everything’s a question of confidence - basically if you’re being true to yourself and you feel good then you’ll look good whatever your age, whatever your size!

That doesn’t mean you don’t need a little bit of a shove in the right direction or a bit of encouragement with a few compliments thrown in.
So the sun’s out, the holidays are booked ...

...who says you can’t wear a - Bikini?

There are shapes and sizes and different styles to suit just about every shape so it’s high time you stopped hiding in a one piece. First things first...it’s time to get to know your body shape, once you know that choosing that perfect bikini is a piece of cake.


Pear - the classic British pear has a small bust and shoulders with noticeably larger hips.

Detailed bra tops to make the most of your small bust work best especially with a halter neck which will give the illusion of wider shoulders. When it comes to the briefs don’t cover up choose higher cut styles I promise they’ll be more flattering - avoid low cut legs t all costs.
Top £35 and bottoms, £29, Hobbs

Apple - a decent bust but it all goes a bit bumpy in the middle, on the plus side though you’ve probably got great legs!

When you want to control across your tummy then a one piece is the default choice but you can now find bikini bottoms with tummy control, this style has a busy print and ruching which will distract from lumps but plain side panels to slim the width of your hips. Keep a gorgeous kaftan nearby if you need some extra confidence

Top, £28, bottoms, £16 Magisculpt at JD Williams Kaftan, £29.50, Collection at M&S

Rectangle - Slim and boyish but this sporty figure can start lacking in shape as time goes by.

If you’re an athletic rectangle then you’ll look best in a sporty style which shows off your well honed physique but if you want to feel more feminine and shapely then the trick is to create curves, I always find some well placed frills do the trick, on the bust and the pants they’ll give the impression of a more feminine shape.

Sporty haltnerneck, £20, bottoms, £16, M&Co Frilled top, £18 and bottoms, £10, Asos Design

Triangle - You carry weight above the waist most noticeably at the bust and you often forget what great hips and thighs you have.

I’ve done countless swimwear shoots over the years and the key thing you need to look for if you have a larger bust is support and structure - a good bra top is essential. Check out brands that specialise - one of my favourites is Panache, they’re so confident in their support they even have a strapless style in size £30D- 38G.
I met the founder of new brand Vive Voluptious last year, there’s no shying away in one of their styles which fit up to a size 40GG - they empower and celebrate curves, they’re a truly inspirational brand!

Cobalt strapless bikini top, £20 and pants, £19, Panache Mermaid bikini, £28, Viva Voluptious


Hourglass - Lucky you, curves in all the right places!


Look out for well structured styles with underwired bra tops to give your bust a perky lift and well cut briefs - a style with high cut legs are so much more flattering

Bikini £149, Madeleine

I’ve learnt that when it comes to buying that bikini you really do get what you pay for, so a little investment is well worth it. If you’re a perfect 12 you’ll always be able to find yourself a bargain but if you need a bit of help then the best cut suits do come at a price. I guarantee if you find a good bikini that flatters your figure you’ll have the most body confident holiday you’ve had in years.

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