why the face?

Ever since Frankie said RELAX in the 80’s, I have been a sucker for a slogan T-shirt. I have worn them every decade since, with my wording only changing to reflect my fluctuating views on what I’ve liked at the time. In my 20’s I wore my ’No shit!’ T-shirt with pride - it was given to me in New Zealand after I did my first ever tandem sky-dive over lake Taupo. The Kiwis didn’t bat an eyelid, just raised a thumb in approval. In 1990’s Cheshire, it didn’t go down so well. In my 30’s I thought my ‘Nicholas girls shouldn’t climb trees’ was hilarious, because my boyfriends name was Nick. The tutting of swivel-headed grannies only made me like it more.


A few years ago, I spoke at an AGM for a company filled with incredible women. I was hired to give a motivational speech, to encourage them to feel amazing about themselves, and know that they have power within them to achieve whatever they set out to achieve. The CEO had decided that the theme of the day should be ‘Superheroes’ so I took to the floor and stared out into a room bursting at the seams with a couple of hundred women dressed as Mrs Incredible and Wonder Woman. It was a sight to behold; they were resplendent in their awesomeness. Standing in my T-shirt emblazoned with ‘My cape is in the wash’, I talked about the fact that every superhero has something within them that they see as a ‘flaw’ or a ‘weakness’. Being lonely and misunderstood seems to be the key one, and feeling like they are alone in feeling the way they do. What I spoke about was the fact that their perceived ‘flaws' were the very thing that made them incredible, because they had to be strong enough to overcome them in order to be the hero the world needed them to be. Isn’t that what we all do? On a daily basis? Deep down, none of us think we are as strong as we appear, or as unflappable, or impervious to pain, or even as funny or as beautiful -  but we are. 


That’s why I love a slogan T-shirt, because it takes something that we feel strongly about - either because it simply makes us laugh, or taps into something at a deeper level that speaks to us. Wearing a slogan gives others a little glimpse into who we are, how the body inside the T-shirt thinks. As a woman entering her ‘invisible’ years, I decided I wanted to create a range of slogans that represented where I am right now, with tongue firmly wedged in cheek. I am writing this on a packed commuter train, wearing a sweatshirt that shouts ‘hot right now’. I don’t care if people think I’m wearing it because I love myself; they don’t know it’s a sarcastic nod to a hot flush, because this girl is always on fire! And yes, that’s how the name of this site came about - it’s a fun slogan that menopausal women can wear with pride, alongside funky 20-somethings who can wear it just because they are what it (to coin a slogan) says on the tin.

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