7 books that changed my life

I have seven books stacked next to me here. That in itself is quite a big deal I'm a ‘passer-onner’ of books. If I enjoy a good book, especially if it's if it's a good blockbuster I tend to pass it around with my friends, but books that I know I'm going to return to time and time again that I folded over the pages, that I've underlined bits and written things in the margins, I keep close to me because I know I'm going to keep going back to them and I'd like to share them with you! Click on the book titles to buy…

Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig
This book change my life because for me, it was the first time I was reading something that described how I felt and I realized that there was no shame in it.  he broke it down in a way 

Mindfulness Guide For The Frazzled by Ruby Wax
Ruby Wax is an acclaimed writer as well as an actress and comedian. She’s also gone through her own mental health issues throughout her life. She went back to university so she could learn all about the brain and in this book she’s broken things down in a Ruby Wax way about why we act the way we do. It’s funny, warm and engaging while also being incredibly informative.

First We Make The Beast Beautiful by Sarah Wilson
Sarah talks about living with anxiety in its most extreme form. For me, it broke down something that seemed so huge and overpowering and big and scary. She breaks it down and tries to make sense of it but what she doesn’t say is that reading the book will cure you, rather it will help you live with it.

The One Thing by Gary Keller
This book is completely different to all of the others as this is a business book. I was recommended this book by someone who said what you need to do is you. It doesn’t matter how big or mad or outrageous it might seem, this book encourages you that you can do it. It helps you break it down so achieving your goals doesn’t seem to overwhelming. I wouldn’t have my website if I hadn’t read this book and followed their way of thinking!

The Chimp Paradox by Professor Steve Peters
This book looks at how our brain works and how our thought processes affect our behaviour. It’s written in such an incredibly easy way to understand. The reason it’s called the Chimp Paradox is because even though we’ve evolved, there’s still part of us in essence that still thinks and acts like a chimp! It will help you break those thoughts down and understand that a you're not going mad and we all have them!

Shut The Duck Up by Pete Cohen and Bobby Cappuccio
This deals with that voice in our head that stops us from doing things. Basically there is a duck just quacking in our head, constantly drip feeding us negative chatter and the difficult thing as a human is finding how we turn that off. It will help you turn that negative internal monologue into something more positive and has helped me appreciate each day rather than dwell on the bad things that have happened.

Confessions Of A Menopausal Woman by Andrea McLean
This book has changed my life  - this whole website wouldn't be here if it wasn't for me writing this book! When I started to write the book, I started asking questions and engaging with woman, hearing their stories and listening to their questions. When the book was finished, I was desperate to keep that conversation going and that’s how thisgirlisonfire.co.uk came about! Thank you me for giving me the opportunity to bring this website to you!

These are the books I love, but what books have made an impact on your life? Share them below – I do love a new read!


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