Andrea talks favourite podcasts

I listen to many podcasts, in-fact several per week. When i'm commuting, working out or going for a run and subject to my intentions or mood, i choose inspirational, educational or sometimes just laugh out loud. Check out my current favourites below and why i like them.

the school of greatness this girl is on fire

1. Lewis Howes: The School of Greatness
I was recommended Lewis by a friend of mine, who knows I like to listen to things that I either learn something from or entertain me. With Lewis’s podcast, there is something incredibly engaging about his earnestness – he is by no means an expert, but he wants to learn from the best, so he interviews people who are at the top of their game in EVERYTHING. Whether it’s business, sport, health, spirituality, finance – whatever, he speaks to people who know their stuff, and asks the kind of questions you or I would. I like it because he gets incredible guests and he is a kind person; someone who wants to listen rather than just show off about how much they know. I’m not the only one who likes him by the way, he has a mind-boggling international following, with millions of followers on his social media platforms and 100 million downloads of his podcast. 

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how to own the room this girl is on fire

2. How to Own The Room
Listening to Viv Groksop’s podcast is like listening to a friend chatting to someone you yourself would love to meet. Like Lewis, she interviews people to find out how they became a success, but from the angle of speaking in public. We all have to speak in public; whether it’s on a stage in front of thousands, on TV in front of millions or just at work in from of a handful, and Viv gently probes to find out how these successful female guests overcome stage fright and shyness, the power of doing your homework before a debate, and finding your comfort zone in that most unnerving of activities – public speaking. I enjoy this because we all think that everyone else must find it easy and know something that we don’t – and it’s a huge relief to hear that actually, we all just find our own way of coping and doing our best.

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Oprah's Masterclass this girl is on fire

3. Oprah’s Masterclass
One of the things I like about this is that despite the name of the podcast, and a brief introduction and conclusion, you don’t hear a peep from Oprah Winfrey during these interviews! Not a squeak. Clearly she’s there, and has asked the questions to her INCREDIBLE A-list guests, but they are edited out, so all you hear for half an hour or so, is them telling their story, in their own voice. There is space to breathe, no witty one-liners or interchanges between host and guest, this is all about them and their life-story. I really like it for that. Who else has the ability to get Justin Timberlake, Ellen DeGeneres and Cindy Crawford to open up like Oprah can? 

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the Hollywood reporter this girl is on fire

4. The Hollywood Reporter: Awards Chatter
Scott Feinberg is the journalist who despite interviewing an array of stars, day in day out, each time seems fresh, prepared, researched to the max and genuinely interested. This is no mean feat; we are living in a time when anyone can call themselves a ‘celebrity interviewer’ and wants to make their mark by either asking ridiculously stupid questions or pulling pranks, just to get the shining light of their interviewee’s celebrity wrenched onto their desperate face. Not Scott. This is a quiet, informed and entertaining conversation; a stroll through the professional journey of each celebrity. I like this podcast because I always come away having learned something about a star I may know from the big screen, but have never really discovered the nitty gritty on how they got to be where they are. 

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Pet Cohen this girl is on fire

5. Pete Cohen: Mi365
Pete is a British life coach and motivational speaker, who has been helping people make the changes they need to in their life for over 20 years. What I like about Pete is that he is so enthusiastic that one day he may very well explode. He really, really wants you to be the best version of yourself that you can, but (and this is what I also like) he won’t take any of your bullshit excuses about being too tired, to old, too fat, too thin… too anything. Because only we can make the changes that we want in ourselves. No one else. But once you get on board and decide to make new habits, change your ways or change your attitude, there’s no one more pleased and supportive than Pete. I have learned a lot from him – last summer I spent every morning sitting quietly with my headphones in for an hour a day, listening to his live podcast about changing our daily habits. Every day. I made a promise to myself that I would show up and listen, and I did, and it genuinely changed my mindset from “I couldn’t possibly achieve that” to “Why not? You just did.”

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scummy mummies this girl is on fire

6. The Scummy Mummies Podcast
These two ladies, Helen Thorn and Ellie Gibson are just brilliant. They are like the sweary friends you sat with on the back of the bus at school (or in my case, wished I sat at the back of the bus with, I was one of those nerdy kids who got travel sick and had to sit near the front with the teachers. Oh the shame…) They interview all kinds of guests, not just parents - it’s not your typical parenting podcast at all, so don’t click on it thinking you’re going to learn all about nappies and breast feeding. Click on it if you like swearing, off the wall commentary on sex, life and just about everything else. It’s also lovely, just like a proper friendship should be. I love it.

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white wine question time this girl is on fire

7. White Wine Question Time
Like every brilliant idea, the genius of this podcast is in it’s simplicity. You know something is going to be good when you think “Why hasn’t anyone done this before?” The clue is in the title; give three celebrity friends three bottles of wine and ask three thought-provoking questions. The answers get slightly more wobbly as the drink flows, but that’s when you really get to hear about the friendship behind the headlines - and discover that we all have the same worries and laugh at the same ridiculous things whether we are on the telly or not.

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a brilliant gamble this girl is on fire

8. A Brilliant Gamble
Are you doing what your really want to do? Not many of us can put our hand on our heart and say that we are; most people would admit that they are struggling with their work / life balance, and aren’t leaping out of bed every day to do something they really love. As a former BBC journalist and best-selling author Blaire Palmer knows exactly what it takes to re-think your working life as she has not only done it herself, but she interviews entrepreneurs, creatives and leaders in their field who have found ways to make money doing something they really enjoy. It’s a friendly and informative podcast that has something for everyone.

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Let me know what you think below and also what you like listening to; I’m always up for discovering something new. And yes, before you ask, we will be having a ‘This Girl Is On Fire’ podcast! We are very excited about this and are working really hard to make this great, just for you. We’ll keep you posted…

Love, Andrea xx