How adding oil to your skin care routine can improve your skin

Using oil as part of a beauty routine is nothing new. The ancient Egyptians knew a thing or two about their benefits – they used castor, sesame and moringa oil to nourish their faces and help remove wrinkles.

Even though oils are popular once again they’re a bit like the Marmite of the beauty world. For some people they’re the ultimate in skincare, for others, they’re a real turn off or they don’t really understand how to use them - I mean who wants to slather oil on their skin? - but there really are a whole host of benefits to using oil-based products and they’re also available from really cheap price points, which is always a bonus.

What’s all the fuss about?

First up, oils are packed naturally with vitamins that help to repair the skin. Argan oil and sunflower oil are packed with vitamin E, which is great for restoring the skin, especially from any sun damage. Rosehip and marula oil is packed with Vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps protect against free radicals, while boosting collagen production so that skin is firmer and plumper and fine lines are smoothed out.

Oils are not only great at helping to seal in hydration, but they’re also great for cleaning skin as well. Oil-based cleansers break up makeup and dirt in a very gentle way, so they’re great for sensitive skin as they don’t strip skin of moisture or make it feel irritated.

While oils are great for dry skin, don’t overlook them if you’re prone to the odd breakout or three. Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, so can help reduce the redness associated with spots. Jojoba oil goes one step further by telling your body to stop producing too much sebum, helping to control oily skin.

So, do I just slap it on?

Kind of, however, oil shouldn’t replace moisturiser in your beauty regime, but should be the final step after you’ve applied moisturiser. Oil works like a barrier so rather than penetrating skin and moisturising it, it actually locks the moisture in.

Oil cleansers are super simple to use – make sure you put the oil on to dry skin, massage in and then wash off. For an extra treat, remove the oil with a cloth, which will also give your face a little exfoliation – super great for getting that glowing skin.

A good quality face oil may be a bit on the pricey side but remember that you don’t need to use lots to get great results, so it will last longer than you think.

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