The best SPF makeup that makes sun protection easy

We all slap on the sun cream when we hit sunnier climes, but how many of us protect our skin – and in particular our faces – all year round? A sun screen with a 50 SPF is actually one of the best things you can have in your arsenal against ageing but it does mean adding another step to your skincare routine every single morning. This is where make up with added SPF comes in.

While experts say the SPFs in this hybrid makeup alone won’t really help protect your skin, layering them up will add some protection against those ageing rays.

Don’t go lower than a SPF 15 and while this can help look after your skin when you pop to the shops or go for a quick walk, if you’re lazing around in the sun, even if it’s just your lunch hour, use a higher SPF sun cream with both UVA and UVB protection.

With that in mind, here are a few of our favourite makeup products with added sun protection.

Facial sunscreen
Every dermatologist will tell you that the one thing you should splash your cash on is a SPD50 sunscreen. Not only does it help prevent your skin from getting burnt, but regular use helps reduce all the signs of sun damage and ageing. Some creams though are really heavy and can clog pores but these three are all brilliantly light and a great daily addition to your daily routine.

Using a tinted base with SPF is a great idea in the hotter months as there’s less chance of a foundation sweat slide happening. Many foundations and tinted moisturisers only contain a SPF of 30 but we’ve happy to report that this is gradually changing. Don’t forget about powder either - The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends applying powder with a sponge as the particles in it do provide a little protection from the sun, plus it will help keep your base products in place.  

Have you ever had burnt eyelids? Trust us it’s not pleasant! All the SPF eyeshadows we found came in really light, easy to wear shades, making them perfect for when you’re posing poolside. And don’t forget your undereye as well – this area is very thin and delicate and prone to burning so a concealer like this one from MAC is a great buy.

Cracked, sunburnt lips are not a good look. While there are plenty of non-coloured lip balms with SPF, choosing one with a bit of colour is a nice way to protect your lips and up your pout game.

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