Sun’s out, legs out: Make your legs look summer ready

Your legs have probably been hidden away since September so if this is the first airing they’re getting, you need to show them some love before your show them off.

First up, to ensure your legs look shiny rather than scaly, regular exfoliation is your friend. A good time to do this is when you’re in the shower, but exfoliators are best applied to dry skin so get scrubbing just before you get in and then wash it all off.

Now, it’s time to get that circulation going. Massage is a great way to kick-start that must-have glow your legs are crying out for. It’s especially great if you’re on your feet all day or a runner and will help kick start your circulation and help with issues such as cellulite.

You don’t need a fancy oil either – mix equal amounts of olive oil with vitamin E oil, warm it up slightly and then get massaging. You don’t need any special technique - just rub away! You can even add some essential oils for extra benefits. Lavender oil is good for cellulite, geranium is great for scars, while eucalyptus and peppermint oils are brilliant at reviving tired legs. Try and do this every couple of days to get those legs looking their best.

On days when you don’t give yourself a massage, you need to moisturise. Your legs, especially your shins, are sensitive to temperature changes so they can dry out very easily. If you live in a dry water area or you swim regularly, this can also dry out your skin so a daily boost of moisture is much needed.

If you’ve got time, there’s always fake tan, but if you’ve been caught short by the sunshine – and let’s face it as this is Britain, you probably will be – you can fake it with some great tinted products. Apply them just as you would a fake tan, wait for them to dry and then off your go. Most products are water resistant and sweat proof so they should easily last a day.

You’ve prepped your legs, but unless you’re Elle McPherson, chances are you’d like them to look leaner and longer. Thanks to some clever styling tips, long, lean legs can be yours.

  • Wear nude shoes: Shoes that match your skin tone make your legs look that little bit longer.

  • Avoid ankle straps: Staying with shoes, stick to courts if you want to make your legs look longer. Ankle straps visually cut your legs in two, which is not the look you want!

  • Wear a skirt with a slit: You’ve done all this legwork (!) so now it’s time to show them off. Not only will a skirt with a thigh slit do this, but it will also visually elongate your legs - don’t worry, they’re not as scary as they sound... It’s all about giving a glimpse of your leg to visually make them look longer.

  • Choose high-waisted: This tip has twice the benefit. A high waist, be it shorts or a skirt, immediately makes your legs look like they start up higher than they do. High-waisted garb also has the benefit of pulling in your tummy and giving you’re a waist.

  • The shorter, the better: Comfortable with showing off your legs? Firstly, go you! But if you’re going to show them off, then really show them off. Higher hemlines immediately make legs look longer.

  • Cheat! You can buy this amazing insole that you wear inside any shoe. It lifts your legs and your butt all without the stress of having to wear high heels.

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