Andrea: My makeup bag essentials

Andrea always looks polished, which is why we were desperate to have a nosy in her makeup bag and snap up all the products she uses. If they can make us look half as good as her, we’re in.

Makeup bags

“I like having all the fiddly little bits like mascara and stuff in one bag where I can find it all easily. A clear bag means I can see what I’m doing and where everything is!”

Andrea also loves a smaller bag to keep her brushes in, which is a great idea as it means they don’t get misshapen by being shoved in with your lippies and powders. If you can’t find a small enough makeup bag, try a pencil case – they’re the perfect size!

As well as her brushes in her ‘bag within a bag’ her favourite brush is one that comes in its own retractable container. As Andrea says “it folds away and it’s not massive!” She uses this for bronzer and power.


Andrea has a couple of staples that she uses regularly on her face - she has two bottles of the Lumene beauty serum because she loves it so much!

The great thing about the Charlotte Tilbury bronzer is that not only does it come in different shades, but it also comes with a highlighter so you can create cheekbones where there are none! Andrea uses the medium to dark palette as a bronzer and the light to medium as a highlighter, where she uses a tiny bit on the cheeks.

“I kind of alternate between the two concealers”

While one concealer should be enough, you may find with the change in seasons and being slightly more tanned, you need a slightly darker one for the summer months. Some concealers are for targeted areas, like Andrea’s IT Cosmetics one that targets dark circles and fine lines, so it can be good to mix and match.


Andrea loves an eyeshadow palette full of flattering browns, including the Nars one, which she uses when she appears on Loose Women.

“I really like this the Studio 10 one because the pencil is so soft. When your eyelids get a little bit wrinkly - which you never think is going to happen to you, but it does - it glides over nicely. It’s also in brown, which isn’t as heavy as black.”

The finishing touch to eyes is always mascara and eyeliner. As well as liquid liner, a soft eyeliner is a good addition to any makeup bag – you can define and also smudge it in for a nice smokey eye, so it’s a double winner.

“I tried the glossier boy brow but I think I bought the wrong shade as it’s too light, but this one is brilliant. It’s like mascara for your brows - it covers the grey…”

Even though Andrea had her eyebrows micro-bladed recently, she still needs to fill in the odd gap and nothing works better than the Glossier eyebrow pen, which is fine an natural looking.


When it comes to lips, Andrea prefers more natural shades. Her Studio 10 lip gloss is such a favourite of hers, she’s given one to her daughter Amy. It’s super natural and just gives lips a hint of colour, while also protecting them thanks to the Omega 3 contained in it.