Everything you need to know about healing crystals in 7 simple facts

They’re praised as a must-have travel accessory by Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian used them to inspire her new fragrance line, Kate Hudson places them on her beauty products for an added boost of energy, and Adele credits hers with easing her stage fright. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the ancient art...

1. Every crystal has a different healing property 

At a time when self-care is key to our mental and physical health, more and more women are turning to crystals to support their wellbeing routines. Every crystal is thought to emit its own vibrations and energy field, thereby channelling healing properties. When choosing a crystal, you should assess which one you are most drawn to. Experts even say that the crystal chooses you. Try amethyst for inner strength, citrine for positivity, quartz to relieve stress or agate to ease anxiety.


2. You can keep them in your bra

Many experts suggest keeping a crystal in your bra so that it’s with you throughout the day. If that sounds far too uncomfortable, keep them in a pocket or in your handbag. Some perform best when stored in natural light to ‘charge’ them, so a window sill or shelf works. Place them on your bedside table to absorb their energy while you sleep. 


3. Clear Quartz is the strongest crystal

This natural beauty has been on earth since the dawn of time. Today, it makes up 12% of the earth’s crust and is used in everything from jewellery to technology. It’s deemed the ‘master healer’, (basically the rock star of all rocks) and it is claimed to ward off negative energy, balance the body and boost the immune system. 


4. Hollywood didn’t invent the trend

While LA boasts a strong community of crystal fans, the natural rocks have actually been used in healing for thousands of years. From the Stone Age to the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans – crystals have long been used to treat ailments, ward off evil and unlock power. It’s said that Cleopatra bathed with Rose Quartz to harness its healing and anti-ageing properties. 

5. They should be ‘cleansed’ before use

If you’ve purchased your crystal from a store, others will have touched it, so it needs to be ‘cleansed’ from any other energies, ready for programming (we’ll come onto that). Hold it under running water, leave it out in the sun or moonlight, cleanse it with scent by lighting some incense, bury it in sand or soil for 24 hours, smudge it with sage or place it near to Clear Quartz, your ‘master healer’, if you have some.


6. Programme your crystal with your intentions

Crystals don’t need to be programmed to work their magic, but many see them as tools whose energy can be specifically channelled. It’s said that you should tell your crystal want to want to achieve during a short meditation practice. It’s a way of connecting you to your crystal to further enhance its performance. 


7. Use them to open your chakras 

Crystals can also be used to balance your seven chakras. Your body’s chakras are thought to be influenced by your thoughts, feelings and emotions (think of emotions as ‘energy in motion’). For this reason, they can become unbalanced. Chakra yoga, guided meditation and crystals can all help to restore harmony. Ask whoever you are purchasing your crystal from for information on which crystal correlates with which chakra. 


Whatever your thoughts on crystals, we’re open to any practice that improves our mental health, or makes us feel content, safe and positive. Happy healing!