Recreate that spa feeling at home

Right, before we start this feature there is a giant disclaimer we should make before we carry on. You will never recreate a spa feeling at home.

Well, not unless you are able to rid the house of small children, dogs, partners and replace them with a beauty therapist, white fluffy robes and candles that just have the best smell ever…

However, you can inject a little bit of that spa feeling into your daily beauty routine with these must-have products.

Set the scene

Dim lighting, gorgeous smells, gentle music – spas know how to make you feel instantly relaxed – and this is definitely something you can do at home. Choose candles or incense with aromatherapy scents to help relax and ask Alexa to play some ambient music and you’ll be as chilled a nice glass of Pinot in no time.

Get cosy

One of the nicest things about spa days are snuggling in freshly laundered, white fluffy robes – nothing says indulgence like lazing around in one all day (or 45 minutes if time is of the essence!). You can also get the full spa experience by using really hot flannels or towels to remove masks and other beauty products from your face. Keep them in a bowl of hot water while you pamper yourself and they’ll be ready to use.

Time to beautify yourself

When it comes to an at-home spa, the key is to do those beauty treatments that you wouldn’t normally have time for. A luxurious moisturising face mask. A body scrub, followed by a serious moisturising sess. A hair wrap, to get your follicles feeling great and looking glossy. Whatever you choose, why not treat yourself to products that are a little more indulgent with top-notch ingredients and delicious smells - it will really up the feel-good spa factor. Here are a few of our faves:

The perfect ending

Just like you would at a spa, make sure you ease yourself back into the real world. Finish off your beauty session with a lovely soak in the bath, using relaxing salts. Listen to some music with a calming cup of herbal tea. Or perhaps be really indulgent and and sip on some bubbles while you enjoy a good book.